Gods of Aris

Pantheon of Thece
The Gods of Thece are varied and may are borrowed from surrounding lands. In most parts of Aris all deities are openly worshipped and recognized. These are but a few of the deities most likely to be popular with adventurers.

Akios – God of Wine and Life (Lifegiver)

Akanay – Goddess of storms and the sea (Stormcaller)

Vikros God of heroism and virtue.

Selak – the Shadow King (Trickster)

Korkos Patron of Children and Turtles—(The Protector)

Faprakis God of Fire and Magic (Arcanist/Lightbringer)

Dakis Goddess of Death(Reaper)

Morakai The Lord of Battle(Warbringer)

High Elven Beliefs
Ancestor Spirits
The Four Peers of Heaven
Amras Tasar
Eo Arrannis
Theawyn Malarnet
Alia Tsani

Wood Elf Gods and Spirits

Orcish Deities

Dwarven Gods
The Sleeper
The Toolmaker
The Battlemaker
The Tunneler
The Soother

Halfling Beliefs

Gnomish Beliefs
Passage of Empyrealism

Gnoll Deities

Other Gods

Starakoza The Old Goat of the Forest (revered mainly by druids)


Gods of Aris

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