Lands of Aris

Aris is a vast continent bordered to the east and west by the Tidranic and Aurilic Oceans and to the south by the Alyrian Ocean. Across the Straight of Ymir to the southeast lies the continent of Etarika.

Aris is home primarily to Humans and Dwarves. Humans can be found nearly everywhere due to their adaptability. Dwarves are mostly found north of the center of the continent in the Kao Mountains, but have many settlements throughout the land. Halflings are fond of life at sea and are often found in coastal areas as well as a substantial population on the island of Dessica. Many elves live in the Valley of Nys and Airomon. Gnomes are scattered across the lands. The vast island of Kuros once was home to a great nation of the industrious little folk, but a great calamity there has left it a broken realm of aberrations. —

Gods of Aris
There is a great variety of religion on the continent, but most humans worship what is known as the Thecian Pantheon.

The Lands of Aris

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